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I seek to help young athletes maintain the love they first experienced for their sport while reaching their potential for athletic success


I offer a tailored approach to maximizing potential and addressing personal obstacles to peak performance. I help clients reach their potential with a variety of tools.


I help clients start or stay on track with their fitness and exercise. Using motivational interviewing approach I help clients enjoy the process and improve their intrinsic motivation for exercise.

"What's within you is stronger than what's in your way." - Erik Weihenmayer

As a mental performance consultant and a mental health counselor, my passion lies in helping athletes and individuals meet their true potential. As a Karate athlete, a former special forces soldier, and a goalie for soccer, who has worked with athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and sports, including Olympians and professional athletes, I understand the challenges associated with peak performance.

Applied Sports Psychology, I help athletes build mental toughness and perform well under pressure. In my work, I teach my clients how to develop resilience, including strategies for coping with stress, adversity, and setbacks to improve their mental strength and gain a quiet mindset to maximize their potential.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you.

Isaac Zur, Ph.D., CMPC, MHC


​Remote sessions are available via secure video conference


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