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Fencing Bout


"Deciding to work with Dr. Zur was one of the best decisions in my fencing career. As an elite athlete, mental training is equally as important as physical training. I always liked my sessions with Dr. Zur because they were structured and I could walk away with an action plan- unlike some other people I’ve worked with. They were not only fencing related but touched on all aspects of life. Dr. Zur really understands that the whole picture contributed to my performance. Dr. Zur was always very real and straight-forward in the most comforting way, which I really appreciated. The strategies that Dr. Zur provided were helpful in organizing my thoughts and behaviors, which catapulted my performance.

Thank you, Dr. Zur, for helping me medal at World Championships and qualify for 2 Olympic teams!"

—  Nzingha Prescod, Female Foil Fencer

Two-time Olympian, Bronze Medalist at the 2015 World Fencing Championships

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